Hello! My name is Guenther Haeussermann. I live near Boston, in Massachusetts.

During the day I work as a Full-Stack Software Engineer at Autodesk.

In recent years I’ve been doing more and more web development work. It’s truly an exciting time with the fast pace at which JavaScript and web technologies are advancing.

Since many years I wanted to put together a blog. Why? Well just to collect and share useful bits of content for me and others to reference. Well, finally I’m getting there. Better late than never!

Currently I’m using Hugo to generate this blog. I was considering to use the ghost blogging platform, but I much rather prefer writing content in vim and being able to customize the way the blog renders. All the blog posts are authored in Markdown and stored in individual files - not in some database table. This makes it easier to transition to another blog rendering solution in the future. The source of this blog can be found at pythonquick/innernet-blog

Current Hugo site theme is Clarity